GPS Tracking Service

Active vehicle tracking devices are quickly taking over the market. This type of devices transmits data in real time to the fleet manager, through a server and with the help of fleet management software. We are here with the best facility at your convenience.

1.) Versatile networks

Data transmission can either be done over wireless, cell-phone networks, through satellite communications or through both types of connections. This works as a useful failsafe in case either of the two networks is down. We provide you both.

2.) Real time means real time

Within seconds, information is transmitted from the vehicle to the management centre – this qualifies as real time. This also means that the management and/or software can actually control the vehicle remotely, telling the driver where to go in case the vehicle deviates from the planned route, calculate the fastest, most fuel-efficient route in real time to suggest necessary adjustments.

3.) Automatic reassignment

Given the evolution of the fleet’s vehicles whereabouts and the influx of new orders, tasks can be reassigned in real time based on cost efficiencies, fuel efficiency, and driver working hours.

4.) Labour law compliance

An active vehicle tracking system allow alerts to be activated when a driver exceeds his or her driving hour quota, ensuring better labour law compliance and better safety. 

5.) Accurate delivery time information

Customers can be automatically notified of expected pickup/ drop time, and expected delays if anything unexpected happens. This greatly reduces the number of failed operations and improves customer satisfaction.